English Unity

Welcome, dear visitor,
I am Karina Sunlife – a coach / writer / consultant of development Business of Social Influence and social entrepreneurship. Also, I am the founder of the project "The unity of ‘The Sun&Life’’", created for people striving for happiness for themselves and their close environment.


The project "The unity of ‘The Sun&Life’" was created as  an educational and creative platform, and this site has become a silver medalist in the nomination "Commercial sites" of the International contest "RUskoe zarubezh'e-2015".
Since 2011 here I:

  • help people to make their decisions and solve their issues through coaching, consultations and training programs.
  • inform the site’s visitors about the qualitative goods, services and training programs that I have tried out.
  • improve my mastery of the word in books and poetry on my website and in cooperation with clients.
  • render practical assistance in creating business or goods and services, using my knowledge and skills.


My path and achievements:

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