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Welcome, dear visitor,
I am Karina Sunlife – a coach / writer / consultant of development Business of Social Influence and social entrepreneurship. Also, I am the founder of the project "The unity of ‘Sun&Life’’," created for people striving for happiness for themselves and their close environment.


The project "The unity of ‘The Sun&Life’" was created as  an educational and creative platform, and this site has become a silver medalist in the nomination "Commercial sites" of the International contest "RUskoe zarubezh'e-2015".
Since 2011 here I:

  • help people to make their decisions and solve their issues through coaching, consultations, and training programs.
  • inform the site’s visitors about the qualitative goods, services, and training programs that I have tried out.
  • improve my mastery of the word in books and poetry on my website and in cooperation with clients.
  • render practical assistance in creating business or goods and services, using my knowledge and skills.


My path and achievements:

There is a period of the year when it seems that magic is in the air everywhere. This is especially feelings before the winter holidays. And if you imagine that today is the evening of The Catholic Christmas and on the calendar is December 24, 2019? The Christmas trees are already decorated and flaunting everywhere, colorful garlands shimmer, and everything around resembles a fairy tale. I like to walk around the evening city without haste, to absorb this feeling and to meditate. In a week 2020 year is coming. A paired number, equipoise and balance, like an inhaling before starting a new countdown. Looking back mentally, I involuntarily wonder how much life has changed in Ukraine over the past 5 years.

Kiev, as the cradle of Slavic culture, has now become more attractive for creative people than before. Art masters come here from all over the world. Talented musicians, actors, writers, poets, designers, artists, singers and filmmakers strive to take part in various exhibitions, festivals and shows. Recently, it has been considered very prestigious to declare oneself in Ukraine and to give people the light of their soul, expressed in creativity.

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