There is a period of the year when it seems that magic is in the air everywhere. This is especially feelings before the winter holidays. And if you imagine that today is the evening of The Catholic Christmas and on the calendar is December 24, 2019? The Christmas trees are already decorated and flaunting everywhere, colorful garlands shimmer, and everything around resembles a fairy tale. I like to walk around the evening city without haste, to absorb this feeling and to meditate. In a week 2020 year is coming. A paired number, equipoise and balance, like an inhaling before starting a new countdown. Looking back mentally, I involuntarily wonder how much life has changed in Ukraine over the past 5 years.

Kiev, as the cradle of Slavic culture, has now become more attractive for creative people than before. Art masters come here from all over the world. Talented musicians, actors, writers, poets, designers, artists, singers and filmmakers strive to take part in various exhibitions, festivals and shows. Recently, it has been considered very prestigious to declare oneself in Ukraine and to give people the light of their soul, expressed in creativity.

The new generation is also actively contributing, so that culture is increasingly in the spotlight and is reappearing. Serious changes in the education system also contribute to this. Now schools use teaching methods based on a game form. There are only 12 students in the classes. Classes are designed so that children have time to learn new material and complete homework during lessons. And after school, completely different things await them.

Computer games are gradually giving precedence to creative projects that many teenagers are passionate about, as well as lively communication in interest clubs and sports sections. A healthy lifestyle and the demonstration of good abilities are becoming very popular even among the youngest purples. I just wonder how generously nature endows the talents of those who live on our land!

Pleasant changes are occurring in universities. Flexible programs of studying are based on the timely development of innovations that are used everywhere. Such a scientific and practical approach significantly improves the quality of education and the rating of domestic universities among prestigious educational institutions in the world. The phrase “forget everything that was studied at the institute”, familiar for graduates, has finally lost its relevance. Now they can begin to build a career and improve in their chosen profession without wasting time adapting to actual working conditions.

And international degree certificates of Ukrainian universities open up unlimited employment opportunities for our graduates. And at the same time, state-sponsored entrepreneurship support programs allow young people to start their own path, doing things that they like.

The Ukrainian language is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. And it is very pleasing that the debate over the Russian language has stopped. It is now second after the state language and has become the official language of Slavic unity. This allows everyone who lives in Ukraine and in the CIS countries to communicate more freely.

Maybe, as a reward for centuries of suffering, we finally received prosperity and peace. Now this is truly a unified country where the west organically merges with the east. The fact that in the new Ukraine is good for all its residents and visitors is visible on the faces of people. What a pleasure it is to walk by the streets and watch passersby sincerely smile at each other! Thereby people become even more beautiful, and the heart is filled with joy.

I peer into the transparent darkness of the sky. And there the Christmas star had already risen. I wish it will become a guide for our country and always will lead it to that future, where there is wisdom, humanity and rising in the economy. May the coming year bring us prosperity and happiness. I thank you, Universe, for protecting my country and sending grace to its land.
This my essay “Так расцветает моя страна!", which was published in the magazine “Wheel of Life” 5 years ago, in the summer of 2014. Today we are still far from the country that I described in the text, but I really want it to become such as soon as possible. The essay in Russian is here  


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