Dating People Love

When I created this internet-project I even did not imagine that it brings so much nice changes in my life. And same time the theme which was beginning attracts different people on my website.

That time I wanted to share my experience and stories of dating with women, which are aimed to create the real good family. The family, where respect and mutual understanding are in the base for both partners. And later my wish got wider in perspective the man and woman relationship as before wedding as many year after it.

Today as women as men read the articles on this website. I like this because my idea was to help people to be happier. And in a family happiness is the common work where everyone put own part of soul as wife and husband as their children.

Our acquaintance and correspondence was like awaking from sleeping and routine. Just exactly “what the doctor ordered” for that time. In this communication I found many useful for myself except main - to development of normal relationship for building our future together. But let we go from beginning.

In his second letter I read:

They have asked someone where is his home… He replayed: “My home is where I feel good”. Who is my wife, your husband? Whatever... He/she is queen, king, rich man… But I feel bad because my queen has no time for me, your king handles brutal with you or rich man is himself rich but you are poor etc. Your bagger man brings a flower to you every day and you feel yourself as a queen...

I believe you are really happy woman... but feel bad when neighbors makes sick under your bagger, and thinks the king name means something, but you feel as you are in heaven.

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