Business of Social Influence in Ukraine

The innovative concept Business of Social Influence (BSI) by Karina Sunlife

The book "Humane Business realities and prospects" 


If the processes in business and society will develop as before, then, according to analysts’ forecasts, the saving life on the planet for future generations and the planet itself, there will be no chance. Does not this scare you?


A few years ago, I thought about how to influence this. In search of an answer, I studied different cases and came to a conclusion: for something to change for the better, the business must become more humane. Humanness is a meaningful feeling. It serves as a source of the strength and the will for doing good deeds and transforming the world around us for the better. It gives hope for a decent future, not only for ourselves but also for those who are around us. That is, the models and processes in business need to be restructured so that making a profit when creating goods and services is more environmentally friendly for all stakeholders. And then the internal skeptic turned on: “Yes, of course, just now the business would be rebuilt ...”

In Ukraine, the quantity of charities and public organizations is growing a few last years. Such organizations do not earn money themselves, but they attract money through donations or grants. However, even they increasingly require self-financing.

Social entrepreneurship (SE) is a new business model that is a hybrid between non-profit organizations and classic business. The activity of such entrepreneurs is aimed at solving socio-economic and environmental problems. And the main difference between a joint venture and a regular business is that their priority is social mission or value, and profits can be partly directed to social goals. At the same time, social entrepreneurship contributes to the development of society through the introduction of innovations, stimulates self-development. and teaches helping itself and the environment.

While I created my training program, I have interested in the history of the development of social entrepreneurship in Sweden. And I have found there is more often used the concept of “social innovations,” which includes social entrepreneurship. The country has a long tradition of supporting small and medium businesses. Enterprises operating as social obtain various types of patronage from the state, and first of all at the local level.

It is also interesting that although the traditional approach presupposes the independence of social enterprises from state services, Swedish municipalities also may create social enterprises.

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