The book "Humane Business realities and prospects" 


If the processes in business and society will develop as before, then, according to analysts’ forecasts, the saving life on the planet for future generations and the planet itself, there will be no chance. Does not this scare you?


A few years ago, I thought about how to influence this. In search of an answer, I studied different cases and came to a conclusion: for something to change for the better, the business must become more humane. Humanness is a meaningful feeling. It serves as a source of the strength and the will for doing good deeds and transforming the world around us for the better. It gives hope for a decent future, not only for ourselves but also for those who are around us. That is, the models and processes in business need to be restructured so that making a profit when creating goods and services is more environmentally friendly for all stakeholders. And then the internal skeptic turned on: “Yes, of course, just now the business would be rebuilt ...”

And since I assumed that this “ingenious” insight could occur not only in me, I began to look for everything that could relate to this topic. As a result, it turned out that there were a lot of people who not only thought about it but also took real steps leading to favorable changes in their companies for certain groups of the population or society as a whole. Such entrepreneurs and organizations are in Ukraine. Most of them do this according to their knowledge, strength, and capabilities.

Later it turned out that such a form of doing business already exists in the world, and it is called “social entrepreneurship.” Amazingly, I met this name in social media, but its essence for a long time remained for me something obscure and abstract.

Now I can say that social entrepreneurship came into my life as a result of personal values, interests, and knowledge. I learned more about him at a training of trainers. It was an 8-month course in the framework of the international project “Social Entrepreneurship as an Innovative Mechanism for Solving Social Development Issues” from the Eastern Europe Foundation and the German non-government organization ChildFund Deutschland e.V.

During the studying at that training for trainers, I, as an author and trainer, took an active part in the development, preparation. and implementation of the training program “Together is more reliable: social entrepreneurship in partnership."

Learning this area of activity, I could not get rid of the feeling that something was wrong there. Something is missing there, something we don’t see, we don’t know, we don’t take it into account. And the deeper I plunged into the topic, be gathering the information from various sources, and communicating with social entrepreneurs, the more I became convinced that something really was missing there. And I wanted to understand what exactly, to find this omission. For this, I found out how such business works in our country and in other countries.

This book was the result of an inner desire to research and structure what I hear, observe, and analyze into what will help to make this type of activity more clear, stable. and promising. And then - to form those in our country an integral working system of humane business, that is, a business with beneficial social influence. It is written and published in Russian because there are a lot of people who know it in the world. And I want anyone could be able to read this book despite he or she uses another language in everyday life, regardless of the country where he lives.

* * *

I thank everyone who, in one way or other, is involved in the creation of the book:

  • Elena Malykh, an indispensable assistant in the preparation of my publications.
  • Organizers, mentor trainers, and participants of our training of trainers in social entrepreneurship.
  • People who, through their concrete actions, regardless of external circumstances, change the world for the better.

 More information about the book "Humane Business realities and prospects" by Karina Sunlife (2019. In Russian).


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